Best wishes 2014 !

Dear all,

At the dawn of this new year, I would like to present to you, as well as to your families and all your loved ones, my best wishes for 2014.

My thoughts are especially to the sick and the disabled persons, as well as the prisoners, people in precarious situations and all those who suffer in our country.

This tradition of wishes is also an opportunity to draw up the balance sheet of the past year. 2013 was marked by a general context of decreasing of our economic activity, of social protests against the high cost of living and uncertainties facing the upcoming deadlines.

During this year, we tried than to meet the expectations of the population to decrease the cost of living, reform the fiscality and modernize our economy.

We will have to continue to fight to ensure the subsistence minimum to all and ensure better health, decent housing and quality education.

To do this, we will have to undertake the necessary reforms to finance public policies, prepare the future and ensure greater social justice.

The slowdown in the nickel mining has highlighted the need for the establishment of a coordinated strategy at the country level that is not disconnected from the international context.

In this context of general atony, the development of trade on our natural Asia-Pacific region is crucial, we cannot remain folded on ourselves.

The output process of the Noumea Accord is near, it should behave in peace, in accordance with the values ​​embedded in the Caledonian society and remembrance of the great figures who fought for the emergence of a common destiny.

The end of a long political process such as that of the Matignon and Noumea Accord, inevitably raises questions, fears or concerns of the public with regard to any changes that may impact on their family life, their work or education of their children.

In this changing context that some might exploit for any purpose other than the public interest, it is imperative that we all demonstrate a spirit of responsibility, discernment and mutual respect.

The right to decide your destiny, you Caledonian population belongs to you, not your political class. It has nevertheless the immense responsability to enlighten you, such as advising the United Nations on the various options that calls for everyone for the future of this country. And the majority will decide.

Also, in this approach, I make the wish that this year will be rich in solidarity, audacity and creativity in order to address future deadlines with confidence.

It is with this hope that I wish you a Happy New Year 2014.

Roch Wamytan


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